This is the HAWRAF website.

This is the HAWRAF website. HAWRAF is a new design studio. They create work that deals with communication, interaction, and creative accessibility. Get in touch.

I want to work on a(n)

I want to work on a(n)

I want to work on a(n)


New in the sense that they just started and also in the way they work and think— including how to operate a studio

Business that services client’s creative needs and fosters their own creative endeavors

They are designers, writ­ers, strate­gists, and engineers

Brand iden­ti­ties, in­stal­la­tions, ac­ti­va­tions, con­tem­pla­tions, web­sites, books, films, con­tent, ex­pe­ri­ences, com­mer­cials, apps, and ob­jects.

The use of words, visuals, and other means to convey messages from one thing to another

Experiences that invite people to touch, click, poke, tweet, talk, and engage with something beyond themselves

An initiative of our own to make the creative industry a little more accessible to people of a diversity of perspectives and experiences